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Published: 19th January 2010
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Remote access appliance providers have become adept at providing state of the art communication options to modern enterprises. Case in point is the use of remote control software such as those provided by RHUB Communication and Bomgar.

While not all remote desktop appliances are the same, the use of on-premise appliances poses a number of advantages over using standard software solutions. Some vendors are still playing catch-up when it comes to the variety of features provided by more established players.

For instances, both RHUB and Bomgar enjoy a certain amount of popularity thanks to its remote pc software. However, even to the causal observer differences between various remote desktop appliances are evident. In fact some appliances possess a number of distinct advantages over other solutions.

Overcoming Challenges

Any online collaborative platform is bound to encounter challenges. Many of these are related to security, data protection and internal protections. Naturally connection issues and collaborative support also rank highly on this list. RHUB has addressed many of these issues in the following ways:

• Its client software can be installed even on lockdown computers

• Guaranteed view-only attendance even to users whose PCs have blocked the connection

• Improved level of firewall traversal

Additionally with this appliance up to five individuals can take part in a support session at one time. This enhances the delivery of technical support and helps to get problems resolved much more quickly.

Remote Support Appliances Compared

Any user will agree that appliance based web conferencing beats software-based solutions hands down. While RHUB no doubt offers many comprehensive collaborative features, its remote support features are also found in Bomgar's appliance. These include:

• Auto re-connect and auto-login after reboot

• Recording

• File transfer

• Chat

• Fit to screen display

• Firewall and proxy friendly

• Observe only support mode

• Always on after power cycle

• Instant view and remote control

• Auto-remove remote client installation

The remote control speed of Bomgar's appliance is outdone by RHUB's. While the Bomgar solution is compatible with Windows mobiles RHUB's more than makes up for this in other areas. Some of these are:

• The ability to switch to training mode during support session

• A remote run as admin feature

• Webcam video

• Auto-reconnection after network reconnection

• The ability to change to 32-bit true color

• Remote printing

RHUB's solution also boasts a greater number of features in the remote access and web conferene (using a support session for Bomgar) categories. With all this the RHUB appliance beats the Bomgar appliance on price. It is priced at $1,995 compared to Bomgar's basic $5,895, with an even higher enterprise rate.

Appliance from RHUB can also be integrated with websites and other applications. Free audio conferencing is also offered plus the option of viewing employee desktops. Consumers will be hard pressed to find a solution offering as much as the RHUB TS-300 for such a minimal cost.

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